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recognizes h1n1 is going to be a challenge for all of us and there will be people who are going to be getting sick in the fall and die. >> another deadly issues, president calderone's war against mexican drug cartel, which are only getting stronger. drug-related deaths surpassed 12,000 this month. president obama stands firmly with calderone as the cartels have increasingly branched out into the u.s. >> we have responsibilities to reduce the trafficking of guns into the south that help strengthen these cartels and the flows of money and money laundering. >> they will also discuss an issue of livelihood, unemployment in the u.s. caused by a trucking dispute. in 1994 the two countries agreed to allow mexican trucks to haul their loads directly into the u.s. to expedite delivery as long as safety measure were met. but members of congress and teamsters union complain the trucks are unsafe and block them from entry. >> allow them into our country will diminish safety on our highways. >> reporter: in retall yashgs, mexico slapped $2.4 billion worth of tariffs on products, devastating businesses th
this matter brought to a resolution as soon as possible and we call on the iranian government to help us determine the where abouts of -- >> clearly the wrong report there but we'll get that fixed for you. >> let us go ahead and take a look at your tuesday forecast. a stormy day in the midwest, hail, gusty winds and thunderstorms from missouri to ohio. >> there will be lightning with light rain in the rocky mountains. >> 83 in sacramento, 87 in >> portland, 98 in boise today. highs in the upper 80s across much of the midwest but 70s in fargo. in the twin cities, 85 in boston, 8 in new york and 92 in atlanta. >> for the first time these sawful hours been fit us because this morning we want to be among the first to say happy birthday, mr. president. >> president obama turns 4 today. it looks like he'll spend most of the day working instead of celebrating the white house is tight lipped abyny festivitiby that might brehe htonight. >> we wish the president and -- >> doesn't look very tasty. >> it would probably love five guys. >> my fellow leo. i didn't know he was a leo. >> >> you got your
illegal aliens, they're going to give us classes on euthanasia. >> reporter: the white house says what they've heard isn't true. sarah palin weighed in with this facebook posting on what she called an obama death panel that would determine who gets treatment and who doesn't. even independent observers va this is offbait. still former speaker of the house newt gingrich defended the idea. >> you're asking to us trust turning power over to the government when there clear are people in the government to believe in establishing euthanasia. >> reporter: the growing anger and and confusion offer the original 1,000 page bill has put the white house and democrats on the offensive. >> i've heard this is going to pay for abortion across america. not true in any version of the bill. sghits hard to have a discussion about health care reform if you don't really know what it's all about. >> reporter: which means if health care reform is going to happen by the end of the year, the public will want to hear more reasoning. >> why don't you go home. >> reporter: and less ranting. rachel martin, abc ne
. >> i've also heard things about used car sales have been having problems because a lot of the car that come in for trade-in, they poor a chemical right into it. the car is innes epps destroyed because they don't want it on the skap metal, and sounding the alarm about a variety lynn deficiency. >> a any study shows vitamins and teens don't get a vitamin. here's john mckenzie. so many children with so little vitamin d. >> these study are something that everyone should pay attention to. it affects the entire u.s. population of adolescents. >> reporter: taken across the country, among young to americans 1 to 20 years have inadequate levels of v minute d. >> i truly didn't think so many kids were involved. >> reporter: called the sunshine vitamin, it used to be children got all the variety minthorn d they needed outdoors. people are staying skin screen. and drinking less valuable source of vitamin day. teen-agers with low level of might man dewas already to have high blush and can't sell it in the car. >> in the laboratory we seized that vitamin e can control the blood vessels, the h
't work. pierre tom ashes abc news, washington. >> an experimental swine flu vaccine given to the u.s. volunteers today, willing to give it a shot. the world health organization says development of the tracksine is on track and some countries may have the shot by next month. the government wants nearly 160 americans to get the swine flu vaccine. public health educators outlined the process. >> gusty winds with twiers in california and nevada. showers in northern new england and thunderstorms in florida. >> cooler in the northwest. 66 in seattle, 67 in boise, in the southwest 91, in albuquerque, 107. 80 in chicago, 0s for most of those days. this is one of those days. we just cannot talk today. >> it's okay, we have the weekend. triple digit temperatures are typical for fiend thicks time of year. that means unwanted guests. >> as the summer heats up, sneaks are slithering around cactuses and driveways. wildlife experts have been flooded with calls from pan ekd homeowners. ium! >> many people forget they live in a desert and there are snakes nearby. >> hard to gohr get when you see that
's an important period of time for us. >> drivers fond the bulk of the airplane on sunday. on tuesday they will rigging a that part of the airplane money on the west side tropical storm felicia is there. >> mreeshia could bring heavy stores, rough surf and flooding. for now it's. >> here's your tuesday weather: scattered showers and thunderstorms from eastern texas into the carolinas and into new england. boston, new york, dc, in as and tulsa ge onam those affected. >> phoenix hits 107 today, samentment owe 97, seattle justn 68 up there. 86 for sent a louis, 88 omaha, 89 in fargo, 90 from new york and a hyundai from dallas. that's what the kids say. >> oh! >> 90-year-old marty had been locally blind for a couple years but now he's seeing clearly again. marty collapsed after having a disy spell a faux days ago, when doctors sent him home from the ca, hfs vision was supposed to only get worse. >> mafty says he's looking for a night clirl. but she didn't meet the age requirement. doesn't want any spring chicken. frjts no. >> ♪ gone are the dark clouds that had my blind ♪ >> marine ex
accounts could hold up to $18 billion. the deal could prompt thousands of ubs clients in the u.s. to voluntarily dislos their holdings. >> our longevity as americans is getting loner according to a new government report. it says men in the u.s. can expect men to win to 75, women around 80. more americans are being pro active about their health. because of that, mortality rates are down. however, the nations say the increasing bow decemberity could erase all the gang. >> more destructive storms are on the way. here's diana al vee a. i was looking out the window and i just seen everything flying up in the air. >> reporter: in minnesota trees snapped, homes were damaged and roads were littered with debris. windows shattered, power lines knocked down. >> well we shall saw debris in the air and we actually seen the funnel. >> there was like a domino effect. they kept falling. it was like a huge piece of somebody's roof hit the car. >> mayor of a chi turned tie is hes the damage far worth than anyone had expected. several funnel clouds were spotted in iowa. in illinois at least 6 peop
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that's when i realized someone was using a firearmin side of there. >> i took my head phones off and then i heard a loud banging noise repeatedly. that's when i knew what was going on, that someone was shooting the place up. >> reporter: there are reports the shooter entered the aerobics room, turned off the lights and began shooting. one witness claims it was her boy trend and he was trying to kill her. >> she got shot in the leg. she was bleeding a lot. she kept saying he's going to kill me, he's going to kill me, my ex-boyfriend. >> reporter: police still are trying to determine if everyone is accounted for. some people say they frequently brought their children there. >> now to the h1n1 swine flu vaccine. government officials say if clinical trials go well, the first shots could be ready by mid october. priority would be given to those at highest risk, health care workers, pregnant women and college students among others. the obama administration is expected to release new guidelines friday about what schoolshould do in case the swine flu reappears. >> just how dangerous ca
have a new forecast for swine flu here in the u.s. and it is a frightening one. the worst case scenario shows up to half of americansetting the h1n1 swine flu this fall and de children and young adults. >> it's important to remember that is a worst case scenario. but that lds to the question of how do people prepare for the flu? >> it's through humor and television. >> reporter: the brits hope sn germs everywhere. >> reporter: health agencies around the world are creating new ad campaigns to control the spread of swine flu. and this one from the u.k. is a winner, according to infectious disease specialist. >> i think there was a tongue and cheek -- it made the point you can bring down the flu. >> reporter: there's a certain monotony to the meage wash your hands and cover your cough. so they're going for a more humorous direct approach. in the u.s. they've given it a new beat. ♪ cover your mouth, watch your hands before you eat your food ♪ >> reporter: and the virus spread around the world is ineffecting people with creativity. ♪ who you going to call, swine busters ♪ ♪ >>
in general. that to me is more frightening. he didn't have a specific target. it was all of us. >> reporter: he also complained about not having a girl friend. authorities say he didn't have a relationship with anyone here at the l.a. fitness center but he did have a schedule at home with the latin impact class circled. >> in new york we should hear me tay from fi the man whose wife was drunk when she drove the wrong way on a major highway. diane schuler, her daughter and six others were killed in the accident last month. her family has issued a statement defending schuler as a dedicated wife and mother but family members of the other crash victims are demanding answers. >> because we have never known diane to be anything but a responsible and caring mother and aunt, this tocology report raises me questions than it provides answers for our family. >> it's hard for me to believe that the family did not know that this woman had an alcohol problem or a drug problem. >> reporter: the toxicology report showed schuler was not only drunk but had smoked marijuana no more than an hour
want to us believe that a government who can't even run a cash for clunker program is going to run one seventh of our u.s. economy? no, sir! no! >> reporter: one maryland democrat was hanged in effigy but texas democratic congressman, who was shouted down before he could even speak, says there's nothing authentic about these protests >> this notion of a grass roots campaign is totally and completely phony. the republican party has coordinated this apparent outrage and stirred it up. >> reporter: clearly some of it is organized. bob mcduffy wrote a widely circulated memo to put the congressmen on the defensive with your questions and follow-up. the congressman should be made to feel a majority and if not a significant portion of at least the audience, opposes the socialist agenda of washington. the goal is to rattle him, get him off his prepared script and agenda. >> they need to hear the people's voice. that's what a democracy is about. >> reporter: one official from freedom works which is run by corporate lobbyist dick armey says his group is organizing but he says washington ignor
their prison term. sorry. it's just not -- it's just not just and it's not fair. >> reporter: the u.s. officials agreed. >> we believe that he should spend the rest of his time in jail. >> reporter: but in britain a dying prisoner can qualify for a compassionate release. last week the infamous great train robber ronnie bigs was freed age 80 and suffering from pneumonia. and some british relatives of the lockerbie dead believe he should go free. they don't believe he was guilty in the first place. >> i think it would be inhumane, indeed downright cruel, to keep the man in prison to die away from his family and his country. >> reporter: scottish authorities believe he has just months to live. the question is whether he spend those last few months a free man or a prisoner? nick watt, abc news, london. >> all right. here now is your friday forecast: showers and thunderstorms in the carolinas. georgia and florida. thunderstorms also from washington to north dakota and from montana down to new mexico and arizona. dry for much of the west coast and northeast. >> a mild 79 in boston, 84 in
but prosecutors insist the evidence against jefferson is convincing. viviana hurtado joins us with the details. >> reporter: jurors returned to the courthouse in the morning to consider whether jefferson has to turn overs more than $450,000 in bribes he allegedly received. federal prosecutors used audio and this surveillance video as evidence to convict former congressman william jefferson on bribery, racketeering and money laundering charges. >> probably somewhere in the vicinity of a thousand. >> reporter: the louisiana democrat, whose districts include parts of katrina-ravaged new orleans was accused of accepting more than $400,000 in bribes to help broker business deals in africa. prosecutors say he also tried to hide the money. he faces up to 150 years in prison. the video shows jefferson in some of the most exclusive hotels and restaurants in washington. >> can you keep it in there if you like. >> reporter: this video is from a july 2005 meeting with where jefferson is seen accepting a brief case from business woman laurie mody, $100,000 of marked fbi bills are inside. >> reporter: d
or itching may occur. don't use irritating products when using epiduo. overexposure to sun, sunlamps, extreme wind or cold may increase the risk for irritation. go to truthaboutzits.com and learn how to pay no more than $20 for your epiduo prescription. awesome! to learn more about epiduo gel talk to your doctor, >> general motors unveiled its long-awaited chevy volt in detroit yesterday. automakers prom 'tis can go 230 miles on a single gallon of gas. the car runs on batteries alone up to 40 miles before a small gas engine takes over, keeping the batteries charged. chevy dealers should start selling the volt late next year. the sticker price $40,000. >> 230 miles a gallon. if that's true, that could really be big. automakers worldwide are rushing to develop cars similar to the volt that mostly run on electric power. >> the idea is not new but today's new technology could revolutionize the way we drive. >> reporter: in the beginning electric cars outsold all others. henry ford's cheaper model t changed that but a century later the electric renaissance is on, from akron, home of the three-whe
but a woman in germany found an offer she could not refuse. >> her boyfriend used 150 bales of hay to propose. it was a six-hour labor of love to spell out those words and of course it was in german. each bale of hay ways more than 600 pounds and each letter was nearly 12 feet high. >> the groom to be got down on his knee and proposed the old fashioned way first. when she said yes, he threw open the shutters to reveal his creation. i was reading them and said that doesn't say. >> it took me a second. that is not english i don't think. >> now we know. >> we'll be right back. ♪ love and marriage, love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage ♪ >> bad news for seni citizens. they will get no cost of living increase if their social security checks next year for the first time in decades. increases are set to the inflation rate and this year the inflation rate has been negative. >> the rates may go down in 2010. medicare drug premiums are automatically deducted and they are set to go up. >> america's smallest bank has no atms, no drive-through windows and has never had a makeover. >>
area. >> the sheriff i tight lipped about this. maybe they're not use to dealing with this. who is. people are frustrated. >> if should th* is a murder suicide that's one thing. if there is a murderer out there we would like to know. >>errifying event. >> yes. >> when we come back o f unrgetblmemori of ted kennedy. >> heartfelt eulogies over the weekend is coming up t >> after a memorial procession through capitol hill and kennedy's unforgettable memorial. >> if you saw any of that you saw the heartfelt memories shared by his two sons and president owe balmasm. president: ted kennedy was the baby of the family. he became a patriotic. the restless dreamer who became it's rock. he was a sunny joyful child who bore the brunt of his brothers teasing but learned quickly how to brush it off. when they tossed him off a boat because he didn't know what a b was 6-year-old teddy got in and learned to sao*eu. when a photographer asked a newly elected body to step back at a press conference because he casted a shadow on his younger brother teddy said it will be the same in washington. the resi
. check us out atfreshexpress.com/freshoffers. so i could control everything my daughter sees and hears. (boy) you can't control your kid's exposure to sex. (girl) but you can influence how they behave. (boy) so talk to them. (girl) tell them you want them to wait to have sex. deal. >> i'm very deeply saddened that kennedy has died. he made an enormous contribution to the peace process and to u.s. politics. he's probably the most influence senator in the last century. >> he was perceived as being a sympathizer at times with the ara. as a deal was brokerd between old enemies, senator kennedy's influence is recognized and last year was given an honorary knighthood for his involvement in the process. he was also recognized by president carter. he spoke in a maverick style on the international stage. ted kennedy was a great kennedy and was also a great friend of the state of israel israel. he has had a strong and original voice that was held and respected all over the world. >> these opinions have been -- wheel his passing maynd kate the end of an era, many are looking at how his contributi
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his adultery? go to our facebook fan page and let us know what you think. >> a fatal highway accident in new york is shining a spotlight problem -- women and alcohol. a woman allegedly drove drunk, crashed her car into another vehicle killing eight people, including four children. statistics show 39% of young women now engage in binge drinking and that sup 30% since 197. here's sharyn alfonsi. >> it's friday night outside of boston. state police are looking for drunk drivers. law enforcement officers here and across the country are noticing a disturbing new trend. more and more those arrested for drunk driving are women. >> you have the right to remain silent. >> reporter: men still drink more than women and are responsible for more drunk driving cases but the gap is narrowing. the number of money arrested for dui is going down but the number some addiction experts say the spike may be a surprising side effect of more equality in the workplace. >> as women have jobs that are resembling more the jobs that men have, as more women start having the same entertainment patterns as men do,
. >> sergeant u.s. marine corp. >> my wife played journalist number three. be have a director with ang lee. lee is great not terrific. i give it 3-point 5. >> tanya is in it. >> yes. >> i saw the staff meeting documentary. it was limited release. it's called the september issue. it's interesting following the editor and chief of vogue. she puts together a september issue historic 840 pages. you watch her with a couple of sentences get the entire industry redone, shoot down a photo shoot she doesn't like. this is one of many scenes she's talking to a photographer after she sees the photos. >> here there is a thing called minimal approach. it's what you are. the goal is straight here. you look at it. it's just like it's always the same. it would be great to break up. thanks. >> there are really great moments in the movie. there is a interesting way the director makes you realize she has her own in securities as they think her job is amusing. i give it four. it's a side of fashion i have never seen. i liked t-frplt. >> she's a polarizing character is healthy for your family to breathe. make sure y
an enormous contribution to the peace process and to u.s. politics. he's probably the most influence senator in the last century. >> he was perceived as being a sympathizer at times with the ara. as a deal was brokerd between old enemies, senator kennedy's influence is recognized and last year was given an honorary knighthood for his involvement in the process. he was also recognized by president carter. he spoke in a maverick style on the international stage. ted kennedy was a great kennedy and was also a great friend of the state of israel israel. he has had a strong andriginal voice that was held and respected all over the world. >> these opinions have been -- wheel his passing maynd kate the end of an era, many are looking at how his contributions have helped shape much throughout the world. >> thank you, sonia. it could be a very stormy day in boston for senator kennedy's foon rahal on saturday. tropical storm danny to make landfall on saturday night bringing downpours and 75 mile-an-hour winds from long island to maine. here is a look at your thursday weather: stormy from dallas and de
because it will cost us less than a buck. >> reporter: across the u.s. there are some 500 tim hortons versus about 9,000 dunkin donuts. the battle for the newcomer won't be easy but already many new yorkers are sweet on the change. >> can i have another one? >> reporter: that good, you got to go become for seconds. >> this is really good. ♪ pour a little sugar on me honey ♪ >> the big question, which donut is better, jeremy? >> i'm going to rate them when i do it. here's number one. >> and of course these are both glazed. plain flavors? >> nice. got some nice tones of vanilla. pretty good stuff. all right. >> cleanse your pallet. there you go. >> now for number two. >> number two, okay. jeremy's not alone. we have other tasters in our newsroom. team, take a taste of donut number one. our expert tasters i should say. >> one of them is a cop so he know as thing or two about -- >> steve, raise your hand so they can know. >> and of course willis, we know he's an expert. >> all right, guys. swallow down number one. >> getting their -- willis -- get the pallet all cleansed. number two
govementeport. it says men in e u.s. can exexpect men t to win too 75, w arououndnd 80. momore arins a arere being pro active a about theirealth. because e ofof tha mortality y s e down.n. however,r, t the nations thehe increasing b bow dececemberity d erase all the gang. >> more destctive s storms are on the way. hehere's diaiana a v vee a. >> i was looking outut the wind anand i just seen everything flying up in the r. reporteter: in minneso trees roads were littered withh debr. windows shatterered,d, power li knockedown. >>ell wewe s shall s saw d debr the air and w we actuallyy seene nn. >> thehere wasasike a d domino fefectct. they kept t falliling. it was like a huge pieie o of >>>> mayor of ahi turned tie is hes the damage far worth than anyoyone had pectcted. seveveral l funnellos were spottein iowa. had be t to treated for local hospitals. orms that are not over yet. chicago. vee a, abc ne, >> s severe weather r from oak y to mimichigigan, thunderstorm ilil, damaging wininds a and a chance of f tornoes. hot and susunny ithth westst. louiand detroit.hicago, jnt 81 i
at the national mall. >> these are national treasures, symbols of how much we owe to those who came before us, the work of generations past reminds us of our duty to generations yet to come. >> reporter: the administration says obama will lead the nation with a quote rooseveltian legacy, meaning teddy roosevelt, father of the park system. roosevelt made a famous visit to the grand canyon in 1903. even back then the president was pleading for its preservation. but historians say obama's challenges today are far more complex. >> we now have an obama administration that's going to have to deal with climate conservation. how do you create new wildlife corridor, how do wstart using public land for solar panel farms, different uses of public lands. >> reporter: it's a complicated task list but if obama's going to make a lasting mark on the national park system, he will have to take the long view. rachel martin, abc news, phoenix, arizona. >> hard to believe these parks are hurting for funding considering how many people consider this the routine family vacation. there's a separate group that supp
and every send. this uses la shine is unapoll jibbing meat over over the edge. >> it's like little snow caps on a stormy sea, you know? you think you're gonna see that in one of these stipster butchers? you stand a betterhan of seeing god. >> reporter: we met up with the national restaurant editor for citysearch.com. >> this is like the playboy mansion for a carnivore. >> reporter: he thinks the trend is taking off because of wet food income interest. >> instead of has a degree from buon and like a sleep tattoo thatsts could $3,000 so that's like oh, i want to be like him. we've trained ourselves to be behind the ooen sires. >> he admit things half changed for him. now the restaurants call him. he sells to nearly 600 new york restaurants but. of the user in profession, it's because there are no nevered clues and that kind of stuff. >> if you wand to hire a contractor, you wouldn't hire a daniel day lewis who happens to tie dlg. >> if you want to make his heart swell, talk to this i go. frank, a new york butcher for over 40 years and one of four butcher brothers. >> i want to talk about you
is that the total u.s. losses are one aircraft and one individual. >> reporter: but his remains were never found. for years rumors persisted that he survived and was daken captive. just last month an iraqi citizen came forward. the informant said speicher's remains were respectfully buried by tribesmen in the desert of west central iraq. it was there that a team of u.s. investigators found his skeletal remains. >> i guess you could use the word bittersweet. you could certainly say it's good that there is closure because the family's been up and down all these years. >> reporter: for the navy and nation, speicher's return is both a sad and proud moment. >> captain speicher was our ship mate and we wanted to bring him home and today we did what. >> reporter: jeremy hubbard, abc news. >> the house voted to keep the popular cash for clunkers program alive. now the senate is in the driver's seat. a quarter million buyers traded in their gas guzzlers for a new car. but the program could be suspended unless the senate extends $2 million more. dealers say they have been flooded with calls asking about
-- >> reporter: sadly it is. the old school will be knocked down. >> for those of us who grew up in a place like this, you feel a little bit that maybe the old ways should have been preserved a little better. >> i think it's ever since hawaii became a statehood, which i wish it never did. >> reporter: why? >> it lost all the tropical, scenery. big, tall buildings which we don't need. i guess that's progress. >> reporter: in honolulu they are celebrating progress but here they celebrate the past, a way of life that has become a stranger in paradise. >> before you know it, it will be all cane.>>or orbcter:epjudd rose, abc news. encoig>>no's kthat fodentr r our th yaou s>>aven't hicked a od ke place? >> no, there or the riviera. oh, irwent with you? no wonder i'm so annoyed. >> and you picked up a uk laically. >> you have got to check it out. >> it involves our dan harris and a certain hollywood star who recently paid a visit to abc news. we'll let dan harris explain this one. >> all right. so this is a little bit of an embarrassing story. the other day i was sitting here in my office when i noti
. they use solar panelled batteries and some have sat leet dishes. the children go to school far from home and are educated in monday goalia not their native language. more and more young people opt to move to the cities, rather than face the economic hardships of their traditional way of life. he is philosophical about the situation. the young generation must decide for himself, he says. i would miss my motherland and my deer too much. here i feel freedom every day. >> when we spend time with the reindeer herders, we get back to the basics and back to what it really means to be human. you can't spend time with the reindeer herders without being touched, without being shaken. >> reporter: most people will never visit this remote corner of the world, will never meet this tribe or play with their reindeer. but they have populated these mountains for thousands of years and advocates hope that with a little help they will continue to do so for generations to come. i'm clarissa ward, mongolia. >> fascinating animals. just don't pee in front of them. >> coming up, insomniac theater, we saw two
of iraqi forces to protect the population had when u.s. troops withdraw by 2011. >> a navy pilot missing since the first gulf war is finally coming home. the the remains of captain michael scott spiker were positively identified after a witness pointed out where he had been buried in iraq. spiker was shot down on the fist night of operation desert storm in 1991. in a statement president obama said my thoughts and prayers are with his family and i hope the recovery of his remains will bring them a needed sense of closure. >> a tragic end to a country music festival in canada. lightning and hale toppled an outdoor stage killing a woman and injuring at least 75 others. >> reporter: they're the dramatic images in the seconds after this massive stage was swept to the ground, crews sifting through twisted metal trying to get to several people underneath. among them these twin sisters both on stage at the time, both hospitalized in the collapse. >> i just knew there was a lot of stuff on top of me, didn't know where i was, what was going on. i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: one woma
used car marketing master, travels town to town with his team helping ailing used car dealers sell off their inventory. he's called in to help and his rude and raunchy team sweeps in and shows the staff how to move those cars. no detail is left to chance. >> put up the picture of skinny kids. customer thinks, oh, my lord, this guy needs the commission. he's got to feed those hungry mouths. >> should i take down the picture of my wife? >> no! that's your closer. fat kids, customer hates you. fat wife, customer pities you. >> see, i told you it was funny. >> there's also a love scene. don the goods ready falls for the daughter of the guy who owns the company. she is engaged to another auto dealer who happens to be in a boy band. >> you have a crush on my fiancee. that is rich! >> here's the deal old timer, get over it. here's why i'm not threatened by that at all. a, i have a beautiful car. b, i have a $44 hair cut. yeah, and, c, i have slick threads. >> the guy from "the office." >> i have to ask after seeing those two, though, you didn't feel like this movie had any of that expected sh
. check us out atfreshexpress.com/freshoffers. toll on the mental health of american troops. this year alone 96 active duty members have committed suicide. so the army says it is launching a new campaign to bolster mental toughness. beginning this fall every u.s. soldier will be required to take classes aimed at managing anger and reing stress. >> soldiers are on their third, fourth and fifth deployment. their idea is to give them better cognitive thinking strategies to deal with the deployment. >> a new study is raising questions about the safety of a vaccine preventing cervical cancer. they've been recommending gard still but a slew of problems are raising serious concerns. here's john mckenzie. >> reporter: it's a dilemma for millions of parents across the country. whether to vaccinate their daughters against a sexually transmitted virus that can cause cervical cancer. >> it's for her own health. i did it. >> reporter: gardasil, a series of three shots given over six months has been heavily promoted. so far more than 7 million americans have received gardasil injections. the study
that started the special olympics. after president kennedy was sworn in, he used to joke that he feared seeing eunice because eunice always had an agenda. >> her fingerprints are on legislation, on schools, on institutions, on perception and i think most importantly on individual lives. >> we have a right to live and enjoy life to our fullest. >> i like to be with my special friends and i like to learn from them. i learn persistence, i learn guts, i learn courage. this is the future. the love, the hope, the faith to bring peace and bring excellence to our special friends through sports. >> and we now know her funeral has been sets for this coming friday. she died in a way a lot of people would dream of in the sense her entire family was there, her husband was there, her five children, including maria and all 19 grandchildren. the whole family there was in a sense. >> the family also had a private memorial service that senator edward kennedy, her brother, was at. he's in ill health as well. tough times for the family. her husband, sargent shriver, has alzheimer's. it's been a diff
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